Working with Freelancers


I have been asked how I am able to manage a large developing website and also continue my learning of technology, keeping up with the latest developments. It’s the people I have joined with using online forums and video websites like Rumble to get informed and to get a spark of interest on the subject matter,

Like what?

3d printers–designing-printing-testing-evulating
CNC machines developed for home shops including metal and wood
Software programming website function, small micro computer programming, cad design
Air and sea drone design and development
ESP32 development and programming

One man can’t master all the skills and talents

It’s about putting together your ideas and then brainstorming until a prototype can be envisioned
I use Fiveer to sort through the potential assets and then refine my team to a select few. Yes it takes a little investment to find the gems and they dont always stay on fiveer but it does allow you to understand other peoples ideas from around the world.

I would love to provide a list of my team but then that would expose them as the winners of my years of trial and error. But I will offer their skills and talents through Volusia Market as associates.

Are you looking for Professional assistance at a deep discount?

Put in a request for quote and lets get started. Sometimes a direct connection is the best rout and I can provide that but my team is world wide and operate different than normal methods and proceedures

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