What is a Maker?


Wow times have changed. When I was younger a maker to me was this guy down the block who had created a front air dam for his MBG street car. He molder the complete piece with bondo and then made a fiberglass mold from that. What a process, fast forward to today and this has a completely different development environment.

So who are the makers and what are they making.

If you don’t have an understanding of 3d printing by now you have been asleep at the technology wheel.

Our forum is constantly working at publishing and linking to the latest trends and even some real ultra cutting edge stuff, but mainly it’s about the technology we use in our workshops, and today these are vast and complex.

This is a list of what you need to brush up on.
CAD and what is available
CAM yes it’s the other half of CAD/CAM
computer control and controller technology
Machines that can be acquired or built
Shop safety and hazards

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