Setting up single stepper motor with driver


This is a working build for twp purposes. First to demonstrate a stepper motor driver setup.
Power supply, controller,driver, and stepper motor.

Second to test the power we can get from this driver. It’s rated at 4-5 amps, our motor is 5 amp so testing will commence with the objective of pumping an abrasive mixture through a home designed screw pump.

As with most projects we are working there are several objectives , the most important one is Learning.

Building, designing, testing, And Learning.

Setting the parameters

Controller works on 8-24 volts
Driver is 24 voltsThat leaves us choosing a 24 Volt power supply


The Testing environment is all in-house. Our methods are to be as close to new designs and methods as possible. Using 3d printers are the highest priority. developing with CAD and producing with our own facility give us complete control

                                                      Longs stepper motor 34HS1456

Working with foreign inventory can present issues when it comes to wiring or technical specs. There are alot of people using these products and the maker community is very helpful. At this point the printed instructions are in other than English 

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