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Fine Tuning and getting a home built productive takes some time

If you have ventured out and decided to master one of many computer controlled shop machines you have had one hell of a learning experience. The smallest of machines, 3d printers or lazars, can cost you hours of fun that turns into complet frustration. If you are rich enough to buy a fancy Lamborghini machine with total support good for you but most it starts with a very small investment. My first was a kit but I realized that was pretty demanding (Tevo Tarantula), what I learned after my first year of tears was the equiptment was getting mor reliable and more capable. My first break in the 3d world is documented here https://forumla.localad.com/community/postid/165/. I went a hard year trying to get productive and actually was pretty successful. Yes a simple 200 dollar machine taught me a bunch about CNC.

It’s a Major undertaking so dont think your going to jump right in and print yourself the next super invention.

The idea with Localad and it’s companion websites is to inform and help you save some money and possibly some of the last hairs on your balding head.

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