Drone Prop & Motor Testing


Have you considered getting involved with the Flying Drone Hobby. It’s becomming
a industry in development, many new uses for the hobby drone and many builders
realizing the science and ingenunity involved with building their own. yes of course
you can be like the others and sell out to The China Behemith DJI but that gets old quick.
Plus being associated with the communist People of china is just anti-american.

Lets learn something and start a journey of developing your brain in a real life interactive
We have several motor-propeller test stands capable of thrust,torque, vibration and heat analysis

Our Custome 3D printed Drone started as a large scale and has been developed in several sizes with
several controllers and computers. Our latest is an 80% scale with Modalai Voxl GPS denied control.
We are working to have products available 2023, 3d files, instructionals, and videos Daytonadrone.com

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