DIY Vibration Sensor


Research into vibration systems means you have to explore the open source options.
Retail options are variable in price and in sensor capture rates

This is a detail analysis or at least an attempt at making a product that can meat out specifications

#1 light Weight
#2 Data recording
#3 Vibration sensing sensor type and method
#4 Complete record and process data

Purchase a build kit and get instructions on assembly and programming the Arduino

There are a few data loggers we are trying to work with

Acquired resources and links along the way //help pages

Here is a link to a similar build

Other peoples issues with this build
MPU6050 accelerometer and gyrometer with arduino UNO. I followed the wiring,
VCC to 5v of arduino
GND to GND of arduino
SDA pin to A4 pin of arduino
SCL pin to A5 pin of arduino
AD0 to GND of arduino
INT to Pin 2 of arduino
And I ran I2C scanner code which is given here :
But it is not detecting the address. Which is 0x68 default, given in the manual.
And when I dump other code to detect the X Y X axes of accelerometer and gyrometer, it is giving only -1 value.
Please help me out.
////////////////Help response READ /////////////
You CANNOT connect directly the MPU6050 to the Arduino. If you read the datasheet you will see that the highest Vcc is 3.46v!!!! ( So you will need a level shifter to connect  the MPU6050 to the arduino and 3.3V suplied by the arduino.


youtube explanation of balance

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