Custom builds take Time!


In the world of manufacture there are several approaches to acquiring tools. Most of the time a tool or machine is purchased from a specialized manufacture, put on the books and production starts. This makes a lot of sense for a HASS mill but there are a lot of tools that can be build from scratch or modified with modern electronics. This is a Localad approach to many things, Fix-mod-fab.

When it comes to 3d printers, which we have alot of experience with, we normally buy broken or returned machines and tune them up. In our most recient case, a 500 x 500 build we decided to home build.

for a couple reasons, first they are 800 bucks and second the 800 dollar units have inferior builds

The Lesson Here is Tuning.

Alot of times a user buys a factory 3d printer, puts the screw to it, puts the power to it and starts making things. Maybe 25% of the time. In fact I would say 50% of new 3d printer users never get successful at making parts and out of that maybe 25% move to creating then printing things.

It’s about the setup. Here we will discuss our journey with the beast 500×500

One of the fine detail points is the bed level. Because this is a first time custom build there is going to be adjustments and sometime redesigns. This is a creality 5s clone type. I say that because I used a longer lk1 as a donor and blueprint so it’s actuallly a Longer beast clone.

I ditched the longer controller long ago and use Duet wifi boards. The 5s has problems with bed heating so that was updated to a direct plugin to the wall mod. The bed is a purchased piece of custom cut aluminum with a top layer for sticking plastic

I used rails and carts for the y and x axis with the roller setup for z because it has duel motors

The point of this rambling is level and square

I got to the point whwere I was running a file, it was working pretty good but it was obvious there were issues. This is to be expected

1 Make the frame
2 install the rails and axis builds
3 electrical end stops and wiring routing
4 power and program
5 duet programming for installed components (duel z, bltouch,etc,)
6 test print and troubleshooting

#6 is the hardest part and where most fail. Getting everything aligned, tightened, and moving in the right

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