CNC Build Project 3d printed Threedesign


DIY Beautiful design with active community

I was looking for a project to keep my 3d printers working and this looked reasonable. While researching a 3d printed design for cnc table build it was a requirement to have new and current designs. An active build community is essential and because I have already made a few MPCNC machines I wanted to try something else. I am looking for  a design that can cut aluminum and other materials and is ridged for close tolerance. Lets go!

Doing research on this build has caused some pause. This community is deep into a community platform that is difficult to navigate and confusing. I like to follow builds and read blueprints, this is about down loading current build cad files and it’s just not productive as a build for me. I’m not looking to become a community member and am not interested in everchanging designs. This is on hold as I look for another build. I really need a solid mill, not a bridgeport  size but something that can manufacture parts from metal and follow gcode

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