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READ THE. “Terms of Service”

Do you ever take the time to read the Terms of Service of products and services you use. Have you considered what rights you wave when you sign an agreement with a company, let’s say a manufacture in CHINA. Have you realized that China is a major player in intellectual theft and product reengineering. Can […]

What is a Maker?

Wow times have changed. When I was younger a maker to me was this guy down the block who had created a front air dam for his MBG street car. He molder the complete piece with bondo and then made a fiberglass mold from that. What a process, fast forward to today and this has […]

Not Just a Website

Your website should be created to tell the story of your business. How the journey developed the brand and company philosophy. A well crafted website will do more than just brand your company, it has to tell the story, offer the product or service information, answering questions before they are asked intuitivly. First impression is […]

All I wanted was to add a button to a flat end battery so it would charge in my charger. I ended up here. The best explination of the 18650 battery

A Beginner’s Guide To 18650 Battery by Genius Sky May 14, 2021 14 min read Quick Links What Does 18650 Mean Just like other lithium-ion cells,  the 18650 battery is named after dimensions. The first two numbers(18) refer to the diameter of the battery in millimeters. The next two numbers (65) stand for the height, and the […]

Custom builds take Time!

In the world of manufacture there are several approaches to acquiring tools. Most of the time a tool or machine is purchased from a specialized manufacture, put on the books and production starts. This makes a lot of sense for a HASS mill but there are a lot of tools that can be build from […]