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18650 Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Module MAh MWh Digital Battery Power Detector Module 18650

Project: Use ZB2L3 and build a 18650 Batter Capacity TesterPurpose: Determine 18650 battery condition for evulation and rating Parts:ZB2L3 Battery Capacity Tester LED Display 18650 Lithium Battery Power Supply Test Capacity Discharge Meter DC4.5-6V Product Description: 1. Using high-quality materials, the quality is guaranteed 2. Simple and convenient wiring 3. With micro USB interface 4. […]

Battery power to your DIY Device

Alot of the projects we work with require a battery. This is one solution NOTICE: This is for instructional purposes only! These batteries are explosive and there are many ways to hurt yourself or burn your house down. If your not intelligent enough to understand the dangers STOP. Go play a video game instead This […]

Vibration senser and data logger research

Vibration sensor types, basics | Types of vibration sensors This article covers Vibration sensor basics and Vibration sensor types including its applications. The different types of Vibration sensors include pin and spring, Piezoelectric, chip based piezoelectric, mousetrap, magnetic,mercury etc. What is a Vibration sensor? DefinitionVibration sensors are sensors used to measure, display and analyze frequency, […]

Drone Prop & Motor Testing

Have you considered getting involved with the Flying Drone Hobby. It’s becomming a industry in development, many new uses for the hobby drone and many builders realizing the science and ingenunity involved with building their own. yes of courseyou can be like the others and sell out to The China Behemith DJI but that gets […]

conical slicing on a 4 axis printer

Following online 3d printing forums allows access to new developments. This one caught my attention. The blog entries will be here for our build and links to parts and instructions.

CNC Build Project 3d printed Threedesign

DIY Beautiful design with active community I was looking for a project to keep my 3d printers working and this looked reasonable. While researching a 3d printed design for cnc table build it was a requirement to have new and current designs. An active build community is essential and because I have already made a […]

Home Shop CNC

Fine Tuning and getting a home built productive takes some time If you have ventured out and decided to master one of many computer controlled shop machines you have had one hell of a learning experience. The smallest of machines, 3d printers or lazars, can cost you hours of fun that turns into complet frustration. […]

Building a large Scale 3d printer for Calicum Carbonate

One of the funniest things about learning and exploring technology is how you can implement what you have learned in different ways. The advancement of microchips has made building crazy stuff very inexpensive and the software development community is the greatest when it comes to sharing and working together to advance these capabilities. History: Localad […]