Yes it can be done but, Yes you will encounter some really worthless service providers.

Yes you will find really talented people with tremendous skills and passion at an affordable cost.

It does take a little learning and some trial and error.

Let me explain and give some insight on a few years using online hired people. My first experience was involving the internet and web development. This is where a lot of people get their first exposure, of course, sitting on a competerthinkingg of the glory of owning a piece of the Web sphere, your mark on the world wide web. Me too. My desire was to run a classifieds website, this I will cover in more detail as my newest adventure on this subject unfolds and of course this is where this post is.

Volusia Market,

Back to the contractor build and bust. It was a journey, starting with the options of classifieds, will it be PHP or word-press and a few years ago word-press was pretty net. PHP was the contender, I chose and setup a mature script Osclass. After about 12 months of setup, purchasing adonssand paying freelancers to customize the site I just deleted it. It seemed like I could never get it the way I wanted it, but this was my first interaction with people from the other side of the world, who do programming. Let me sum this all up, it’s very easy to get caught in a trap, if you allow one person or one company to setup and manage your web project your stuck with them, especially if custom coding is involved. Tip: software updates on a regular basis and if you don’t have a method to update your site your stuck paying the programmer that did it.

That leads to word press and themes. I realized real fast that I didn’t need to pay a fast talking programmer when I wanted to setup a real estate website. I did but soon realized this person was using a non registered word press theme. I realized this when all the details needed to be input, like company policies, terms, company contacts. It eats up a lot of time to pay someone to do your business input.
Themes are awesome but they have to be tailored top your specific need. Again this was a lesson learned with a hired programmer, so they called themselves, turns out I paid for a non registered script to have a logo placed in the heading.

Hired hands. My journey moved past the internet and into mechanical builds that required some expertise in setup and programming. one thing that needs to be understood is your relationship with a gig provider is usually temporary and very limited in scope. These players, especially the new ones, are only going to do what you ask, they wont try to understand your project and wont give more that what is agreed upon. Most of my experience is one or maybe 2 re-orders, Yes I get the result I bargained for but in the end not worth perusing for long term.

The finish line:

Yes you can start a business using freelancers. My websites have banner ads for Fiveer. This is where I have landed. I proudly promote my relationship with them but include this caution tail I have just explained. I have a few go to people for the highest quality work I can find, and guess what, they are not the Pro’s or ones asking crazy dollars for basic work. My suggestion is to break down your objectives and feed them little bits at a time, offer 50 dollars per task and see if your making progress. Don’t be silly and think your going to purchase a word press theme for 59 dollars and your up and running. You had better plan on some deep learning and hands on experience or just drop the 2 to 5 thousand for a total package. Me I don’t do that because I need to understand the process and want to know I am not getting hosed down. is my internet project and it uses word press. This is where I put my message and latest endeavors. Where does Fiveer fit in now? I have several businesses that use modern computer controlled machines. From wood to metal and including 3d printing and CAD design. I can’t do it all and hiring someone inexperienced in my local community is a non starter. I have an exceptional CAD designer, have specialty trained people that can help develop my projects, from very large 3d printers that print coral reef structures to flying and crawling drones that have artificial intelligence. And guess what I freelance my freelancers! Are you looking for some real value and super talented people, as me and I will give you a referral. Want an example?

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